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So here I am….

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

My first real blog, my first website built from scratch….The whole purpose of this site is to take another step towards my goal of breaking into web development full time.

It started last October, I started a part-time, un-paid internship learning a little PHP, then creating pages from a .psd (slicing pages) using CSS, HTML, and XHTML. I then integrated those sites into a shopping cart app. I was pretty much on my own as far as learning. No one was sitting down and giving me lessons. If I had a question, I’d ask…but only as my last resort, after attempting to search for the solution and trying to work it out on my own. That’s how I learn better anyway. Making my mistakes, analyzing them, talking to myself (alot) and seeing what does work and what doesn’t.

Unfortunately, my full time job was hit hard with this economy, forcing me to give up the internship. But I’m not giving up on making it happen.

I have the drive, the creativity, the analytical, logical, and problem solving mind needed to thrive.

So, here I am……moving forward.

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